✦ Anime/Game style commission.

✦Can't do: horror/ scary monsters/18+ 


✦Chibi Form-Half Bod✦$75-$100 per Character

✦Chibi Form-Full Body✦$120-$150 per Character
✦Regular Form-Portrait$75-$95 per Character

✦Regular Form-Half Body✦$95-$150 per Character

✦Regular Form-Full Body✦$195-$300+ per Character

✦ This price is for personal use only. Please times 3 for commercial use.

✦ Price may vary based on complexity of characters, weapons, companions etc.



Submit Request ---Agreement---Deposit---Production---Payment due---Delivery:)

-Request your commission now-

Upload File
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Term of Use:

*Please provide a clear reference and descriptions.
*I have the right to decline the request of the commission.



*Full or half deposit is required upfront. 
*Payments will be invoiced by PayPal or Esty. (You don’t need an account to make the payment.)
*Please don’t send me any payment before you receive an invoice in your email.


*It may take 1 week to 2 months depending on a variety of factors (Such as other work, health, details of the drawing, etc...).
*Make sure to have a clear description, and review the sketch carefully please.
*Only small changes are allowed after coloring is done, big changes may result in extra charge(s).
*No free changes/alterations are available after the commission is done.


Copy Right/Usage

-Personal use only-
*If the commissioner infringes in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.


-Commissioner can/should do-
*Posting and sharing it. (Not commercially)
*Credit Artist when sharing it on medias.
*Use the commissioned artwork for personal purposes.
*Print the art, and claim the right of their characters, but not the drawing.
*Use the art to promote themselves personally, with proper credit given to the artist.


-Commissioner can not do-
*Can not use the artwork commercially (Using it to make profit in any way).
*Can not take credit for the artwork.
*Can not change the artwork without artist’s permission.
*The artist has all the right to use the art unless agreed upon otherwise.
*The artist can post and share the drawing in any place or site unless agreed upon otherwise.
*The artist can display it anywhere, any time unless agreed upon otherwise.


-Commercial Use-
*Commercial rights to the artwork cost 3 times more than the non-commercial price.
*Allowed to make merchandise with the artwork.
*Use it commercially.
*Fan art commission is not allowed for purchase commercial use.
*Credit is still required for usage of the artwork.


-Private commission: +50% Fee-
*Private commission means the artist won’t use, post, share and display the artwork.


-Cancellation /Refund Policy-
*Full refund if work on the commission has not started yet.
*Half price if the sketch is done, but not start coloring yet.
*No refund after starting coloring.


-What do you get?-
• All Sketches
• Final Sketch
• Full-Resolution File (8.5x10 inches or bigger, 300DPI)



✦ The statements can be adjustable, feel free to discuss with me for your needs✦


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